www.bulkreefsupply.com In our first episode of the coral propagation series we going to show how to propagate the RBTA rose bubbletip anemone rather than an actual coral. This can not only be a profitable endeavor but you can also help reduce reliance on wild caught anemones and reduction of clownfish habitat. It is possible to use your saltwater reef aquarium to do this at home.

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Featured in Tropical Fish Hobbyist’s (TFH) September 2011 issue in the Adventures in Aquascaping column, we take you through the creation and final setup of this inspired Discus hardscape aquarium. Using the Aqua Design Amano (ADA) Cube Garden 120-H, Horn Wood and Manten Stone, Jeff Senske created an aquascape that centers foremost around the elegance of Discus.

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If you are looking for crystal clear water for your aquarium, then consider the Rena Filstar XP series canister filters. Join Dr. Brown from PetSolutions as he demonstrates how easy it is to set up a Filstar XP canister filter. These easy start self-priming filters provide efficient stage filtration. Patented anti-airlock system ensures continuous flow while the self-locking water shutoff system prevents any accidental water loss. Multi-stage bypass-free circulation ensures complete water flow through filter media. Multi-use filtration baskets with handles allow for easy maintenance. The longlife ceramic shaft will not degrade even in saltwater. For more information on the Rena Filstar XP series canister filters, please click below. www.petsolutions.com

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Slightly less camera shake in this video, featuring slightly pissed off Red Tail Black Shark. unfortunately none of the Rainbows were displaying this time.

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Amazingly Andreas’ tank does not have a calcium reactor, sump or protein skimmer, yet he keeps very healthy SPS corals along with a variety of soft corals. *Video footage is owned by ReefVideos. NOT by me. To see more videos, go to www.reefvideos.com or check out the iTunes podcast.

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